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Since the 1980s, as the complexity of buildings began to increase, the field of architecture became multi-disciplinary with specializations.

Preliminary Design

This is considered the “brainstorming” phase. Data is collected on the site and location such as zoning and land use requirements. The client is to provide as much background information as possible to fully understand their vision.

Schematic Design​

This phase brings together the data collected in the preliminary phase and translates that information into preliminary floor plans and exterior concept. Client will provide feedback and once the preliminary floor plans are approved, we can move to the next phase.

Design development

This phase refines the preliminary floors plans and exterior concept. The interior layout is complete and dimensions of all spaces. Materials and finished are also finalized in this phase.

Construction Documents

The design drawings are converted into a clear and concise set of construction documents that can be submitted to the building department for review and approval.

Construction Administration

If desired, this service can be added and will be billed hourly or a TBD fee. This phase is throughout construction of the approved plans. The architect acts as an advisor, will perform site visits, and facilitate answering questions or concerns from the contractor.